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  • The Meaning of Feathers in Jewelry

    I have had many customers ask me about feather jewelry, and specifically the meaning of feathers in jewelry. It's quite interesting actually, the meaning behind both feathers and wings.

    The Meaning of Feathers and Wings The Meaning of Feathers and Wings






    Throughout many cultures, feathers are strong symbols of the spiritual realms representing ascension and spiritual evolution to a higher plane. Many religions and cultures around the world recognize that a white feather is a symbol that Angels are present and are hearing your prayers.

    Within Native American cultures, every group has different meanings for feathers depending on which bird they come from and their color. But it can be generally said that feathers represent honor and our connection with the Creator.

    In Egyptian history and mythology the feather of Ma’at, an ostrich feather, was associated with Ma’at the goddess of truth and justice.  The chief priest in charge of court hearings would wear the feather of Ma’at and then give the feather to the person who won the case.

    In Christianity, feathers represent the presence of Angels, and even more, stand for prayer and strict faith. The symbol of three feathers was popular in ancient Christianity, especially among the Medici, who used and wore them as an emblem representing the three virtues of faith, hope and charity.

    There are so many different interpretations of the symbolic meaning of feathers. Some people believe they represent Truth, Speed, Lightness and have protective powers. Some believe it offers balance, hope and good luck. Additionally, it is believed, that if you experience feathers in a dream then some sort of travel is about to take place. Or, on a higher level, you will soon be able to move freely in your life. If the dream includes a white feather it stands for spiritual innocence and a fresh start in life.

    The meaning of feathers in jewelry has been a popular topic of my research in my search to create and find the most beautiful aesthetic pieces.

    For me wearing a feather gives me a sense of peace and connection to the spiritual realms. It is no wonder that many people find themselves at peace when wearing feathers. They may feel more relaxed and happier. Feather's are soft, gentle, and above all connected with the living and life.

    Find your perfect feather jewelry now here at Talulah Lee - including a sterling silver feather necklace, gold feather earrings, sterling silver feather earrings, and more.

    Gold Feather Earrings | Talulah Lee Gold Feather Earrings | Talulah Lee

    Additionally, Talulah Lee has a beautiful selection of wing earrings - including dainty sterling silver wing earrings.

    Sterling Silver Wing Earrings | Talulah Lee Sterling Silver Wing Earrings | Talulah Lee



    What do feathers mean to you? Do you have any stories to share about how a feather has affected you personally or influenced your art? Please share it in the comments below!

  • How to Make a Wrap Bracelet - PART I

    Learn how to make a wrap bracelet using leather cord, glass beads, and beading thread. Part I
  • 5 New Year's Resolutions that Could Actually Work

    So as this year comes to an end, I have had a think about my New Year's resolutions. It's seems though that in the past I may have made some but then after a few days or weeks they fall by the wayside. So this year I have decided to keep it simple! There are some simple things that can actually work, so I am keeping it real this year. Here are my personal New Year's Resolutions for 2016!

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  • Holiday Gifts for Her - Wrap Bracelets

    Holiday Gifts - Jewelry Gifts for Her Holiday Gifts - Jewelry Gifts for Her


    Are you looking for that perfect Christmas present? Does that mother, daughter, sister, or friend in your life like jewelry? Many people sometimes hesitate when buying jewelry as a gift because they feel it may not be to one's liking or style. It can be a tough decision, since jewelry is an expression of one's personal taste and a reflection of one's character.

    At Talulah Lee, we feature classic jewelry that never goes out of style. This is a little reassurance to the buyer knowing that you have a relatively good chance that your recipient will like your gift! Choose a gold vermeil necklace that is an ideal gift for her this holiday season. Simple designs in modern streamlined formations such as sparrow birds, leaves and feathers are eye pleasing and go with both formal and casual attire. Some styles come in both sterling silver and gold versions in case one preference is preferred over the other.

    Holiday Gifts - Wrap Bracelets Holiday Gifts - Wrap Bracelets





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  • Paracord Bracelets - No Longer Just a Survival Tool


    Paratroopers in Action Paratroopers in Action


    A Brief History of Talulah Lee Paracord Bracelets

    Shortly before World War II, Wallace Carothers of DuPont invented a new polymide named nylon - a  “synthetic silk” that revolutionised mobile warfare. This invention allowed for the expansion of large-scale parachuting, and from this paratroopers were born. Previously, parachutes were made from spun silk, something that was in limited supply due to the natural method of its production – the humble silkworm. This new, "synthetic silk" transformed warfare and made it possible to mass produce parachutes and parachute cord faster and easier.

    Besides warfare and the large role in World War II, Paracord has always had a multipurpose use throughout history.  It's durable, functional and reliable qualities have made it an essential for Army and Navy standard equipment such as securing gear to backpacks and trucks, shelter linings, securing camouflage nets, and parachutes. Over the past three decades, paracord has made its way into everyday typical materials. You'll find paracord in boot laces, rifle slings, hammocks, jewelry and rucksacks. It's uses are limitless when you think about it!

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  • Autumn Inspiration: Gold Vermeil Jewelry

    Autumn is here! I love the range of colors and the shades of orange and red. As the air gets cooler and crisp and the days get shorter, everything gets a little more cozier. Pumpkins, Halloween, hot chocolate and having an evening fire are just a few of the things I love about Autumn.  And then there is Autumn Jewelry - incorporating rich colors and layering of silver and gold.

    Autumn Jewelry from Talulah Lee Autumn Jewelry from Talulah Lee

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  • How to Style Bracelets for Everyday Looks

    We all know the importance of bracelets accessorizing. Good accessories can instantly transform a plain outfit into a well put together look. When it comes to accessories, bracelets are in this season.

    Bracelets can be styled in many different ways and can instantly glam up your look. So let’s have a look at some interesting and unique ways to style your bracelets, so that when any occasion presents itself you can be ready with your stylish look.

    Simple Chain Bracelet:

    If you are wearing a cocktail dress and want to go for a dainty look, then a single chain bracelet is just what you need. When it comes to simple elegant dressing, a single accessory is sufficient to bring up the look. Simple chain bracelets with diamond studs are perfect for a ball gown or cocktail look.

    Rhinestone Beaded Bracelets paired with a Cuff adds a splash of color. Simple Chain Bracelets - Rhinestone bracelets paired with a Bangle. Image courtesy of www.lovemaegan.com

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  • 10 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade Jewelry

    Something that I have been long concerned over is the fact that the jewelry I sell is produced according to Fair Trade standards. It is common now to find many everyday items Fair trade, such as coffee, but what about jewelry?

    Fair Trade Jewelry may not be something that initially comes to mind, although most of the worlds silversmiths come from countries such as Bali and Indonesia, where working conditions and regulations are not as regulated as in developed countries like USA or here in Sweden.

    Fair Trade Jewelry is produced in such a way that the artisans and silversmiths are being helped out of poverty through an equitable, long-term and positive relationship with their trading partners.

    Fair trade Jewelry | Talulah Lee Fair Trade Jewelry | Talulah Lee

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  • Ways to Wear a Wrap Bracelet

    Recently I thought it would be fun to play dress up and show you seven different ways to wear a wrap bracelet. It’s my personal  jewelry piece to wear with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a simple tee, that combo just never fails, but it’s more fun to wear it in a way you’ve maybe never worn before. To step out of that usual routine a bit and maybe try it out in a way you never thought of? Here's 7 simple everyday ways to wear a wrap bracelet this season.

    A Criss-Cross Wrap Bracelet

    For this look, I got a little savvy in my wrapping and thought this way to wrap, besides the classic 5-layered style bracelet look, really stood out.  It's creative, easy to do and can be easily accomplished by double wrapping one-way and then double wrapping "criss-cross" the other way. If you are simply looking for another take on how to wear your wrap bracelet why not try it out?

    Ways to Wear a Wrap Bracelet | Talulah Lee 7 Ways to Wrap A Wrap Bracelet | Talulah Lee

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  • How to Wrap a Wrap Bracelet

    I've had some questions from customers as to how to wrap a wrap bracelet so I thought I'd put together this quick blog post as to the best way to wrap your wrap bracelet so that it fits perfectly.

    Step 1: 

    Take your wrap bracelet and hold the button between your pointer finger and your thumb. By holding the button towards the inside of your palm it will allow the closure to lay at the bottom of your wrist.

    How to Wrap a Wrap Bracelet Continue reading

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