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Talulah Lee was created out of a love for fine handmade jewelry, earth elements, nature and design. The latest collections combine a unique contemporary appeal infused with Earth’s natural elements.


The name "Talulah" means "leaping water" and is a word of Native American origin. Every Talulah Lee piece of jewelry draws its inspiration from water, the earth and its living natural wonders. Just as water flows, Talulah Lee jewelry possesses a unique energy and carefree spirit that resonates with the earth’s natural beauty.


All Talulah Lee Jewelry uses only the finest materials such as sterling silver, gold vermeil and genuine unaltered semi-precious stones. Every stone holds within it spiritual meaning, symbolism and healing properties, to achieve the ultimate well-being within oneself.


Every Talulah Lee jewelry piece is individually crafted to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship. Truly unique in that no two are the same, every piece is quality checked to meet the standards to last through the carefree and active lives of our customers.


Talulah Lee is not fast fashion. Witholding classic femininity, beauty and a playful spirit at heart, all pieces are designed for timeless appeal and to be worn and cherished for many seasons. 

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About | Talulah LeeThank you for visiting Talulah Lee! I am a one-woman show, backed by the loving support of my wonderful husband, Marcus, my daughter Lily, and two adorable pets - a energetic Irish red setter named Oscar and a Dutch Lop rabbit named Louie (who by the way are best friends!).

Growing up in Buffalo, NY, USA, I was surrounded by a family of artisans. Mygrandmother painted and drew,my mother a graphic designer, while my father was quite the chef and had always been, along with my brother, an entrepreneur in some form or another. I always felt I had an artsy soul - after all, it was in my blood!

It was when I started to take some jewelry making courses that I ultimately found myself craving the ability to be more hands-on and creative with my work. In the classes I learned to shape metals, wiring techniques and the basic elements of jewelry design. I made my first piece - a sterling silver polished ring. Though it wasn't perfect by any means, it was a stepping stone for me in starting my own business in another country different from my own!
I knew I had absolute passion for color, design, and most of all jewelry for many years while working in marketing.

In my spare time I would find a way to develop my ideas into a tangible items while learning the in's an outs of being a successful entrepreneur. I taught myself further jewelry techniques on my own, making many gifts for friends and family along the way, and seeking out only the best materials and jewelry pieces through trial and error. Addtionally, I continued to design and even collaborate with jewelry makers to bring my designs to life.

So after moving to Sweden with my husband and discovering that people really enjoyed my items, a unique line of jewelry was born!

I set up my first online shop on Etsy in 2012, and then opened up my second store on my website in early 2013. All of my items are prepared and packaged here in my home studio and shipped right to your door. I try to, wherever possible, to use eco friendly materials, such as my recycled packaging and fair trade silver and gold metal (95% of my jewelry are fairtrade). I truly enjoy the entire process - from the jewelry making and design work, to the photography and even the sometimes long hours working on budgets and sales projections (thank goodness for my business degree!). Each and every piece you buy from me goes to support my family, so I appreciate your business as a customer!

While I still work in marketing on the side, I have found I have a true passion for jewelry! My hope is to have all of my products not only reflect my own sense of style and fashion, but to evoke a personal style in everyone that owns one of my items. To me it's not so much about following the latest fashion trends, but finding a balance with your overall look that makes you feel comfortable and above anything else, happy.

Update - 2014! 

I started dreaming up Bumble and Bee in Spring 2016. I realized that I my current jewelry business was missing something!  After becoming a mom, I wore my jewelry less often, simply because my daughter would want to pull and tug it, put it in her mouth and it was just impractical! Not only that, with so many small pieces it was unsafe. I wanted to incorporate something that was important to me and since moving to Sweden I have had a growing appreciation and heart for the forests and nature. I decided that wood could be "that thing" that I could incorporate into my jewelry as it was completely safe for my daughter and even could be sourced locally.

All my products are handmade by me in my home studio, using the very best materials, including 100% recycled yarns - leftover remnant from the textile industry and natural wood mostly from a local wood producer here in Småland. No two beads are the same as they are beautiful with imperfections and varying color tones. The wood is gently sanded, soft to touch and completely safe and natural - perfect for keeping your little babes busy and occupied. The yarns are stretchy and durable, and the colors and prints will look great on mom....or even if your not a mom! 

I hope you will take a moment to browse and see what's new in the webshop!

Thank you for reading, and, as always, feel free to send me a note, a special request such as a hand written card with your order, or just say hello at: info (@) talulahlee.com